Entry Title: "Stonehenge: An ancient mystery"
Name: Rude Lee , Singapore
Category and Expertise: Historic, Professional

Entry Description: A prehistoric monument which still stands tall today with its original purpose unknown,for worship,for healing? Nevertheless it' still an amazing structure.

About the Artist:

Born and raised in Singapore, Rude Lee developed his love for film while working in a small studio at the age of 17. Inspired by the medium of film,he spent a great deal of time refining his craft. He has ventured into commercial photography and oversaw the transition from film to digital format.His works has placed him firmly in his field,landing him with international brands like Loreal,Maybelline and an assortment of industrial and corporate clients. But true to his experimental nature,he has also ventured into video and filming in the recent years.His varied clientele are proof that his style speak across many genres. With each new work,Rude Lee seeks to continue innovating the field.