The Last Border

PhotographerMarika Dee
Entry Description

At the northern edge of France, in and around the port city of Calais, lie several encampments that provide temporary shelter for approximately six hundred persons, mainly men and teenage boys, who gather in the region in the hope of crossing the Channel. They are Afghan, Pakistani, Syrian and Eritrean among others. In Calais they are only an hour-and-a-half ferry ride away from their final destination: the UK. It’s the last stage of a long and often very perilous journey, but reinforced border controls make the crossing increasingly difficult and migrants are often stuck for months in the squalid camps.

About Photographer

Marika Dee is a law school graduate. Before taking up photography, she was employed as a jurist specialized in international law. In that capacity she worked for various international organizations. Recently she began work as a documentary photographer.