The third gender

PhotographerArseniy Neskhodimov
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

The photos have been taken in Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam) as a part of a long-term project about transgender in Southeast Asian countries. All photographs are to be conducted with descriptions such as age, occupation, difficulties which the portrayed faces being a transsexual.


The project which is called “The third gender” I have started this year in Thailand where transsexuals (Katoeys) are considered to be a third gender in Thailand. 1 out of every 100 Thai men is a transsexual. In Western view phenomenal of people who change their sex is an anomaly but in Thailand it is normal In Thailand "kathoey" is the commonly used umbrella term that gathers male to female transgender people, as well as effeminate men under its cover. «Kothoeys» are biological man who have been born with distinctly female hearts and minds. Some choose to have their anatomy corrected whilst others are content or simply give free reign to their effeminate mannerism. Currently I live in Vietnam where I carry on working on my project. To compare with Thailand in Vietnam being a transgender is a challenge. But they never give up even though they are not tolerated here and forced to hide their personality they fight for their right such as the ability to marry a man and adopt children. I'm going to develop this project into a book that will be consisted of portraits and small descriptions of people who I portray. I am planning to take pictures of transsexuals throughout Southeast Asian countries to found out what kind if life they live and what kind of problem they face being different.