CompanyHello Anne! Photographer
PhotographerAnne Højlund Nicolajsen
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Faces fascinates me, both the similarities and differences. And both races in comparison to one another as well as differences within one race

About Photographer

Danish fashion- and beauty photographer (b. 1986). I am educated at the School of Media in Viborg. As an apprentice I have been trained in commercial photography, where lighting has an extremely high priority. This knowledge is a great advantage in my work with particularly beauty photography. Beauty photography has been my main direction and I have photographed "beauty series" for magazines worldwide. Humans fascinate me. Photographs are my paintings. As painters I use my skills as tools towards creativity. I love to highlight models' oddities through making these beautiful and polished. To work with the boundaries between reality and representation. Specialties Beauty, Fashion and Art Photographer