The Scottish Referendum Project

PhotographerCraig Easton
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryHeswall, United Kingdom
Photo DateMay 2014
Entry Description

On 18/09/14, Scotland votes on independence from the UK. The Union of England & Scotland has been in effect since 1707 when they joined to form Great Britain. This will be the first full Independence ballot. It is also the first time that 16&17 year-olds will be given a vote. This series shows young people of Scotland born 18/09/98 all around the country. They turn sixteen on the day of the referendum and will be the youngest voters. They are old enough to vote on the breakup of the UK, but too young to consent to having their photograph taken!

About Photographer

I am very fortunate in that my work takes me all over the world shooting in some wonderful locations with great people. Much of my work is location based with a strong emphasis on landscape, people and cars. Recent clients include VisitBritain and the 2012 Olympics, LandRover and Barclays Bank. Personal work takes me regularly back to Scotland where I am working on a series of landscapes and portraits in the Highlands and islands and where I escape sometimes to play a bit of golf (very badly) on the original and unique links courses around the coast. I am represented in the UK by Jo Clark +44 (0)20 7267 7267 In addition to my advertising work I have always photographed for books, travel and editorial clients. Over the past few years I have been working on the highly acclaimed '52 Weekends...' series of books with writer Brigid Benson. Published by Virgin Books, 52 Weekends by the Sea, is a collection of inspirational ideas for great escapes all around Britain and the follow up book '52 Weekends in the Country' published on July 5th 2012.