Photographervarun baskar
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/Countrychennai, India
Photo DateDECEMBER 2013
Technical InfoCANON5DMARKIII, 24-105MM, 50MM
Entry Description

Convention states that shooting nudes is a study in contrasts. I didn't think so, and as I experimented with highlights and the silhouettes cast by the human body, the essence of it was revealed to me in a moment of minimalism. The defining facet of a nude is purity and amidst glimpses of this virgin form, you can detect the subtle play of light and shadow in my work. Here's to 2014 being a year of clarity!

About Photographer

About the photographer: Having developed an early interest in fine arts, varun baskar sought to see the world with the imaginative eye, creating it through sketching and painting, initially. It was not until the end of his first year of graduation in visual communication, was he introduced to photography. Equipped with his pentax A3, he forayed into the dream world of photography.Having decided photography is the only thing he wants to do, he decided to do his masters in photography at pearl academy of fashion, Delhi which is affiliated to ICPP Melbourne university. Itching to do his own work, he started “gray card” soon after his advanced studies in photography. Largely, influenced by Ansel adams and his gray scale principle he decided to name his studio ‘gray card’ AWARDS: INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS Honorable mention 2014, INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS Honorable mention 2015. PEPPER ADVERTISING AWARDS 2009 SILVER, 2011 SILVER, 2014 SILVER.