Entry Title: "Pigeon Fanciers"
Name: Andy Gallacher , United Kingdom
Category and Expertise: Self-Promotion|Other_P|Portrait_P, Professional

Entry Description: Pigeon Fanciers are gaining in popularity world wide. Pigeon fanciers are a true breed. All pigeon fanciers have their own way of training pigeons. Some of these techniques are passed down through the generations. These pigeons often fly hundreds of miles back to their own loft without stopping.

About the Artist:

He just gets it... These are the words of one of London’s biggest advertising agencies about Andy Gallacher’s work. He's an outstanding photographer and a prolific winner of international awards. For Andy, innovation is nothing new. He finds remarkable ways to interpret your ideas and communicate your company, people and product brand values. Easyjet, Sainsburys, Warburtons and Towie are just some of the household names whose brands’ he’s captured. A seasoned experimenter with light and texture, he crafts new techniques that engage, inspire and keep him at the top of his game. Andy’s customers are king. He leaves nothing to chance. Every shot, angle and idea is well rehearsed and well communicated. Andy Gallacher creates beautifully executed images.