Spring Messenger

PhotographerJoe Motohashi
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryMusashino shi, Japan
Photo Date2014,3,7
Technical InfoDaylight
Entry Description

A Japanese white-eye came to suck the honey of the cherry tree of the early blooming.

About Photographer

Joe Motohashi, born in 1964, is a photographer changed his career from a magazine writer in 2011. He graduated from New York Institute of Photography. Starting from shooting animals in zoos all over Japan, he has taken photos of pet dogs and wild birds at local parks in Tokyo. He traveled to Shiretoko, Hokkaido (Northern island of Japan) in the autumn of 2012 and launched activities of wild life photographer. One of his popular work is a race horse photo. The horse named "Treasure Smile" has a heart mark on his nose and received a lot of "likes" all over the world. It was published on "Lady's Home Journal" in the United States and syndicated on Yahoo news of many countries such as US, Canada, Russia, Spain and Indonesia.