PhotographerMiles Boone
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyMiles Boone Photography
City/CountryDowners Grove, United States
Photo DateMay 16, 2014
Entry Description

Jeanette Smith photographed in her living room with her dog, surrounded by the needle point she has created. The portrait was made as part of a series for my church named "Salt of the Earth". The idea is to get to know parishioners outside of the Sunday morning worship service.

About Photographer

I have been taking pictures since I can remember. It started with family and vacations photos on some Kodak instamatic (with the four sided flash bulb that burned your fingers if you touched it) and now I shoot almost everything digitally. The important thing is that I love to take pictures. When I look through the viewfinder of a camera, time stands still. I get lost in another world. After college, which had nothing to do with photography, and a short forray into the corporate world, I started my career as a photographer. First, I worked as a digital assistant in a portrait and wedding studio, then I assisted various commercial photographers. In 1993, I focused solely on my work and have been doing so ever since. I have photographed a wide variety of subjects: from the simple joys of a newborn to the grimy industry of a factory. Advertising agencies, graphic design studios, corporations, and editorial clients use my images in their ads, brochures, packaging, websites, annual reports and magazines. More importantly, I'm still taking pictures.