Big Sur Milky Way

PhotographerJeff Stasney
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryPewaukee, United States
Photo Date7-5-14
Technical InfoNikon D800E, Zeiss 15mm Lens
Entry Description

Early this July my wife and I took a weeklong trip to Carmel CA, for a relative’s wedding. I planned to do quite a bit of landscape photography and explore night photography possibilities along the Big Sur Coast. Research led me to discover that I would be right in line with the New Moon Phase, which I’d hoped might increase my chances of a more visible view of the Milky Way. Late one evening I ventured out along highway 1 and eventually hiked some distance in the dark to this overlook where I was able to frame this large sea stack in the foreground with the Milky Way right above. Technical: Nikon D800E and 15mm Zeiss lens, I captured the image with two exposures. A 30 second exposure at f2.8, ISO 5000, and an 8 minute exposure at f2.8, ISO 5000.