This is my Country

PhotographerIngetje Tadros
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryBroome, Australia
Photo Date31 July 2014
Technical InfoSony RX1 2.8 f.125 35mm
Entry Description

‘This Is My Country,’ is a comprehensive visual documentation of Australia’s indigenous people by Ingetje Tadros. It communicates the legacy of historical domination and oppression of Australia’s first inhabitants within a contemporary context.

About Photographer

Ingetje Tadros occupies a unique place in the world of social documentary photography, capturing the triumphs, tragedy and diversity of people’s lives through her intuitive storytelling. With a passion deeply rooted in humanitarian causes, her photography is often confronting and provocative to evoke a powerful message, telling people’s stories firstly at a community level and then to provide a conduit for communication between different cultures on a global platform. Born in Holland, in her formative years Ingetje was always documenting the life of people around her, ultimately combining her passion for photography and travel to where her work now takes her around the globe. When not travelling, she calls Broome her home on the vast and wildly beautiful West Coast of Australia. Her creative vision has been the driver to authoring several documentary projects as diverse as Mental Health in Bali, Leprosy in India, Trans-sexuality in Asia and Death Rituals in Egypt. Ingetje’s recent documentation of Kennedy Hill and her ongoing and important work This Is My Country involves documenting the complexities of race and culture of Australia’s indigenous people – the Aboriginals. She works regularly on assignment for some of the world’s best known online and print magazines. Her clients have included Amnesty International, Fairfax Media, Sydney Morning Herald, Australian Geographic, The Australian, The Internationalist, News Corp, Getty Images, Daily Mail and many more. Recent publications include Caged Humans in Bali (Daily Mail, 2014) and Kennedy Hill (Fairfax Media, 2015). Ingetje’s work has been recognised by a number of photography’s most prestigious honours. These include a Nomination for Prix Pictet (UK) 2015, United Nations Award 2014 (AUS), Moscow International Foto Awards 2014, Lensculture Visual Story Telling Award 2014, the International Loupe Awards (AUS), Black and White Spider Awards (USA), PX3 Competition (Paris), The Juliet Margaret Cameron Award for Women 2013 (UK), The International Portrait Awards 2013 (USA).