Landfill of lives

PhotographerAndrey Botelho
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Andrey Botelho is a photographer who lives in Brazil and has specialized in social events like weddings but has also developed personal projects through the years. These are his real motivations in life, leading him to a self-knowledge path.


This project came about after a bike trail near the landfill in my town. There’s a small community living precariously there, surviving from the sale of recyclable material. I decided to portray the day-to-day of one of the neediest families. Mother and daughter, living for decades in a home canvas, without running water, electricity, sewage and other amenities. The most shocking thing was listening from that lady that she was happy with her life and did not want to move from that place... ever! That showed me how an abstract concept happiness can be.