PhotographerSophie Gamand
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Prophecy is a series of portraits of dogs belonging to hairless breeds.


Dogs have been engineered by men. Through artificial selection, for the past millennia, they have been selected, manipulated genetically, breeds have been created, shaped and trained to fulfill our needs. Whether it is to perform tasks for us or simply for companionship, humans have subdued and entire specie for their own needs and comfort. In a way, dogs are the first example of Man acting like a god towards nature. With My photography I explore the complex dynamics of the relationship between people and dogs. I believe that the great power we have over dogs should also give us a great responsibility towards a specie we control. Dogs have become mirrors of our own solitude and human condition. For the Prophecy series, I wanted to portray dogs like old wise men. I worked with hairless breeds for their physical qualities: Chinese Crested, Xoloitzcuintle (Mexican hairless) and mixed hairless dogs. I imagined them as prophets or mad scientists, grabbing us and planting their eyes deep into ours, shaking us and shouting "The judgement is upon you! The end is near!". Nature looking straight at us and asking us to repent. Manipulated Nature giving us a warning.

About Photographer

Sophie Gamand is a French photographer living and working in New York. Since 2010, her work focuses on dogs and our relationship with us, in an attempt to better understand the human society. Her work has been featured in numerous publications worldwide and she was recently a guest lecturer at the ICP of New York. Her series Wet Dog has won the Sony World Photography Award in the Portraiture category (2014). Her Metamorphosis project was a finalist of the New York Photo festival, 2014.