The Untold Story of China's Protestant Christians

CompanyRedux Pictures
PhotographerJimmy Lam
Entry Description

Many still think that the officially atheist Communist Party is bad for the Christian faith, and that anyone who wants to practise their faith seriously has to join the unregistered, underground churches in China. Many still hold the widely held view that Christians are being persecuted in the country, their freedom to practise the faith restricted and that bibles are banned or not readily available in the country. People often wonder if the official churches that have to be registered with the official Christian body, The Three-Self Patriotic Church (TSPM), are real Christians! The images and contents will shock you and challenge you to ask whether that widely held view is indeed valid. The official Protestant Church in China is one of the fastest growing churches today. Estimates vary widely, but most people believe that there may be well over 60 million Christians in China today.

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