Entry Title: "Vama Veche - A family holiday"
Name: Andrei Nacu , Romania
Category and Expertise: Family, Professional

Entry Description: Artur and Ida Poplawski live in Bialystok - Poland. They found out about Vama Veche from some friends, who had been in Romania a year before. Even though probably they could afford a "luxury holiday", they decided to come with their kids, to experience Vama Veche, for one week. Their van became house for them, for their tow daughters, Noemi and Nel, and for the smallest one, Noe, who was only three months old. Although Vama Veche is known as a place for non mainstream youth and for its free atmosphere, they found here the perfect place where to run away from daily routine, with no cell phones, internet or tight schedule.

About the Artist: