Architectural Graphism

PhotographerJoas Souza
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyJoas Souza| Photographer
City/CountryLondon, United Kingdom
Photo Date2011
Technical InfoCanon 1Ds Mark II
Entry Description

This is a collection of images where I explored the graphism hidden between the lines and curves of the British modern architecture, details quite unnoticeable by most of the people due are not on eye level.

About Photographer

Joas Souza started to learn photography and understand architecture at an early age. As the son of a photographer father and an architect mother, he spent a lot of time surrounded by photographs and architectural projects, which contributed to his understanding of space, shapes and dimensions, as well as architects’ minds: ultimately sharpening his vision and ability to capture more consciously every detail of each building or home that he photographs. His father’s photographic influence helped Joas to combine his comprehension of architecture into photographs, to understand light and techniques and also to build his own visual identity. After seven years of working as a professional photographer in Brazil, photographing for large companies such as Ford Motors, Natuzzi, Petrobras, Odebrecht and Sica among others, Joas decided to refocus his career and moved to London in 2005. Joas has since further developed and expanded his work and talent, and established a leading reputation in the British market, shooting for renowned architects’ firms, interior designers, design agencies and real estate investors.