PhotographerRohan Reilly
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

A jetty in Japan under heavy snowfall. the title Portato is a bowing technique for stringed instruments, in which successive notes are gently re-articulated while being joined under a single continuing bow stroke.

About Photographer

Rohan Reilly is a self-taught photographer and fine art gallery owner based in Kinsale Cork, Ireland. Reilly uses long exposures to draw out the essential elements of a scene. His images are enigmatic and compelling, inviting us into a monochromatic world of clean lines and powerful shapes.Rohan has received awards from many prestigious organizations including The Prix De La Photographie in Paris, International Photography Awards, Grand Prix de la Decouverte, UK Landscape Photographer of the Year, and Black and White Spider Awards. He exhibits regularly in Ireland and has been published in magazines and newspapers including The Irish Sunday Times, The Independent, Photography Week, and Dodho Magazine. When not running his gallery he photographs and teaches popular photography workshops across Ireland and Europe.