Sunrise Festival People

PhotographerMarek Lapis
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryKoziegłowy, Poland
Photo Date07.2014
Technical InfoNikon D700 + Nikkor Lenses
Entry Description

Sunrise Festival- largest in Poland, the cult music festival of trance and house. At the end of the festival, the music eventful whole 2 days, youth overlooks the sea, and dances and plays with the rhythm of trance music. Some in the veins not only blood, but also aids allowing for many hours in the sun dance till you drop. This day is awaited throughout the year, going down in August in a place young people from many European countries.

About Photographer

Born in 1968. Study at College of Photography in Warsaw. Documentary photographer and photojournalist born in Kłecko near Poznań in Poland. Working in Poznań/Poland and in many coutries in Europe. Awards: 2013: III places in contest – first edition „Factory Project” photo set “5 Senses. Pauza”, the curator is Thomas Gudzowaty - photographer, Repeated international awards winner of World Press Photo, a member of the Association of Polish Art Photographers and the Polish Press Agency and the European Press Agency, one of the most acclaimed Polish photographers in the world. Malopolska Garden Fine , Kraków, Poland 2013 – I places in contest „BZWBK PRESS FOTO 2013” - category photo set „5 Senses. Pause” in ART and CULTURE: REPORTAGE, - PIN-UP Studio, Warszawa 2012– II places in contest „Flaga Rzeczpospolitej Polskiej w obiektywie” pod patronatem Prezydenta RP Bronisława Komorowskiego 2012 – Double Finalist in II LeicaStreet Photography Contest "Moment jest jeden", Warszawa 2012 – Finalist in I Sport Extremum Contest „Fish eye”, Zawoja 2012 – III places in contest „Wielkopolska    Press Photo 2012”category photo set „EURO 2012”, Poznań - Mention in category single photo „Wielkopolska    Press Photo 2012”, Poznań Special Mention Public Library in Gniezno in category single photo „Wielkopolska    Press Photo 2012”, Poznań Special Mention PhotoClub „FotoOKO” in category single photo „Wielkopolska    Press Photo 2012”, Poznań Special prize for the biggest number of awards within all contest of „Wielkopolska    Press Photo”, Poznań   2011- Finalist in I LeicaStreet Photography Contest "Moment jest jeden", Warszawa