Bay Bridge Toll Plaza

PhotographerJon Hope
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountrySan Francisco, United States
Photo DateJune 2014
Technical Info Phase One IQ250
Entry Description

Aerial view of the morning comute at the Bay Bridge Toll Plaza

About Photographer

I have always loved hanging out of helicopters shooting the scenes below. My first published photograph was an aerial shot when I was 17 years old. I spent my professional life shooting editorial and advertising work - portraits and location work. Over the last few years I’ve returned to the air more and more as that is my true love. And as anyone creative can tell you, the more fun you have, the better the work. Short Bio: British born location portrait and aerial photographer Jon Hope is comfortable photographing everyone from Fortune 500 CEOs and British Prime Ministers (Margaret Thatcher and John Major) to Khmer Rouge soldiers in the jungles of Cambodia. Some of his favorite assignments have included shooting top sumo wrestlers in Tokyo, oil rigs in the North Sea and flying with Smokejumpers (parachuting fire-fighters) in Montana.