Ani Human Butterfly

PhotographerLennette Newell
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyLennette Newell Photography
City/CountryLafayette, United States
Photo Date8/14/13
Technical Infodigital
Entry Description

Many species of butterflies exhibit sexual dimorphism, that is they reflect different patterns depending on their sex. However these patterns are reflective only in the ultraviolet light spectrum, causing male and female butterflies to look identical to the human eye. In this series, the viewer may notice that the model appears possibly androgynous in several images, and in that sense embodying our divergence from insects. We are unlikely to quickly distinguish between the sexes of butterflies, and it is possible they cannot tell the difference between human sexes either. The ahi-human butterfly series displays a human mimicking a non-mammal species, it is fascinating to behold the similarities in body language. Though the body plan of a vertebrate and a butterfly are starkly contrasting, making it inevitable for the model to attain the butterfly's feathery beauty, a great sense of admiration can be seen emanating from the model as she attempts to attain this airy grace.

About Photographer

Lennette Newell is a San Francisco Bay Area based photographer specializing in commercial and advertising photography. Her work captures the dynamic lifestyles of people and animals. Clients include Procter & Gamble, Purina, Nintendo, Del Monte and Clorox. Lennette is from Kimball, Nebraska. Her formal photographic training began at the University ofNebraska studying photojournalism. She then moved west to attend Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, California, focusing on portraiture. After completing the coursework at Brooks Institute she moved to the San Francisco Bay Area and launched a career in commercial and advertising photography. Her work has received accolades from Graphis, American Photography, PDN, International Photography Awards, Black & White Spider Awards, Masters Cup, Hasselblad Masters and just selected for Luerzer's 200 Best Advertising Photographers.