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David Clarke

David Clarke - Tate

2014 IPA's Best of Show Exhibition Curator.

David Clarke has been a professional fine art photographer for over thirty years. He was born in Liverpool and moved to London in the early nineteen seventies, where he began serving what is to date a twenty-year tenure as a Head of Photography for Tate. Beyond his curatorial appointment with the institution and the management of 5 Tate sites, his current projects also include digitizing and publishing initiative for the vast Tate Collection, which in its totality consists of 90,000 paintings, sculptures and works on paper.

David is also responsible for all other photography carried out at Tate, including scientific, press, promotion and architectural photography, plus the image management systems which organize and make the images accessible to staff and public alike.

In addition to his Tate appointment, David serves as a secretary for the Association for Historical and Fine Art Photography - an international membership organization, founded to support and promote fine art photography.