Ron Ceballos


RON CEBALLOS has been in the commercial photography industry for over 20 years, working at several prominent New York and Los Angeles agencies. During this time, he has represented many prominently established photographers as well as several notable emerging artists.

Educated in fashion design and American cultural studies and fueled by a passion for writing fiction, Ron Ceballos has garnered an industry reputation for being a creative professional with a dutiful originality and roiling intellectual flair.

His previous tenures (earliest to current): A Corporation for Art + Commerce (NY), Art Mix Creative (LA), Demont Photo Management (NY), Ron Ceballos Representation (LA), Racer Media (LA), Creative Service Bureau (LA), Mercury Artist Group (LA), ASA Artists (LA), and most notably BUREAU (LA). In 2017, Ron was proud to join the team at No-Name Management (LA & NY).

Ron has also provided management consultant services to creative agencies such as Laspata Decaro (NY) and Nouvelle Vague (LA).