Honorable Mention


  • Photographer
    Simon Brauer
  • Date of Photograph
  • Technical Info
    3D anaglyph

Mirages stems from an unconscious memory brought to a reflexive thought. At the time we blink after observing an object for a while it´s image remains engraved in our minds by milliseconds, that is the memory of our eyes. If the same image excites us, it conveys a feeling or transports us to something deeper, that image will stay forever and becomes something sublime and eternal. That is the memory of our souls. Mirages series collect the mystery of vivid faces, playful looks, the inevitable texture of an intense life. MIRAGES is based on the photographic portrait as a way of immortalizing, as a tangible representation of lived experiences that is manifested in a series of 3D black and white photographs worked as anaglyph (3D glasses technique that requires red - cyan for viewing ).

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