Being Rosa

PhotographerMartin U Waltz
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyMartin U Waltz Photography
City/CountryBerlin, Germany
Photo Date2017
Entry Description

Being Rosa Rosa has survived an abusive and violent relationship and the extensive stalking period after the break-up.The Rosa series is about visual storytelling. It aims to find a visual language for the different stages of Rosa's painful story. Stunned terror, paralyzed silence, dissolution of self, cut and aftermath. The images were taken when Rosa came to to share her story. is a literary-photographic project on violence that turns experiences with violence into art. Violens is run by author Dirk Könnecke and photographer Martin U Waltz.

About Photographer

Martin U Waltz is an art and commercial photographer. Martin has won numerous international photography awards. His work has been shown recently at group and solo exhibitions in New York, Paris, Dublin, London, Rome, Bucharest and Berlin. Over 200,000 people follow Martin on social media. Martin’s essays on photography are published on major photography blogs like Petapixel, The Phoblographer or Digitalrev. He is a founding member of the berlin1020 photography collective. Martin lives in Berlin, Germany.