Lunchtime rush 2

PhotographerDoug Gimesy
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryBrighton, Australia
Photo Date11th October 2016
Entry Description

Lunchtime rush: After moving slowly towards a small waterhole for a drink and some relief from the midday heat in drought-stricken Etosha National Park (Namibia), wildebeest, springbok and zebra are suddenly startled into a stampede when they detect two lions waiting quietly in the nearby grass. 

This cautious approach followed by a startled retreat occurred about six times over a three hour period and no one got a drink nor the lions a meal.

About Photographer

Wildlife images are one of the most powerful ways we have of engaging people in the natural world? Sir David Attenborough. Because of this, I primarily work with those whose values and goals closely align with mine, and organisations who want to inspire people and communities to discover, value and protect the natural world.