GFMS Annual Platinum Survey 2010

Photographeredward olive
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyEdward Olive wedding, commercial & portrait photographer
City/CountryMadrid, Spain
Photo DateFebruary 2010
Technical InfoMedium format & 35mm film
Entry Description

Analog macro photography taken in a high security vault in Switzerland for the GFMS precious metals consultancy annual report “Platinum Survey”. Shot using expired date colour slide film with Hasselblad v series a16 645 back and Carl Zeiss t* plus close-up filters and Canon EOS1 on 35mm film with 180mm f3.5 L Macro. It is wonderful to have clients who understand art, have creative vision and can see a different way to represent standard still life product photography. My view is always whether shooting an annual report cover or a local wedding… if the pictures are not good enough to hang in an art gallery then they are not good enough.

About Photographer

Edward Olive is a wedding & fine art photographer based out of Madrid spain Edward Olive es fotógrafo de boda / fotógrafo artista de Madrid España