PhotographerCharit Pusiri
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyCharit Art Co.,Ltd.
City/CountryBangkok, Thailand
Photo Date10/25/2009
Technical Infoset-up scene
Entry Description

Buddhist art, an art that began at the time of the lord Buddha, and which has evolved through time and through different cultures. Buddhists from every generation have continuously created Buddhist art for thousand of years with the main purpose being to praise the lord Buddha and as a reminder of his teachings. Contemporary artists nowadays are trying to incorporate today’s societal issues and the changes in people's belief in Buddhism through contemporary Buddhist art by using the modern mediums of photography and digital art. Many of these artists have moved away from the traditional purpose of Buddhist art and its respectful values and some have even become the opposite. My Buddha-Rupe series is intended to update Buddhist art through new yet familiar images which remain true to the values and purpose of traditional Buddhist art and that promote this peaceful and respected art and religion even further.

About Photographer

Charit Pusiri an artist/photographer based in Bangkok, Thailand. Specialized in Fine Art, Advertising, Automotive, Portrait Photography. www.CharitPusiri.com