PhotographerRicardo Mantilla Alayón
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyHemiSys Ltda
City/CountryBogotá, Colombia
Photo Date15 April 2010
Technical InfoDigital photography
Entry Description

Fotografía para una marca casual de ropa joven. Una nueva piel conquista tu entorno. Siempre piel.

About Photographer

Colombian photographer and engineer, born in 1973. Founder and director of "HemiSys", a company committed to the development of web portals and servers for the Internet. Dedicated to various photographic genres. Significant experience in commercial photography with which he has embarked on a narrow path in search of images for target audiences. Parallel leads research projects such as "photographic conversations" and "Photograph deep” as complementary tool for use of language and image as a transmitter of sensations. Photographs published in media such as newspaper El Tiempo, Magazine "Manager", Book "This is Bogota," magazine "New City" and major web portals on the Internet.