La Lumière

PhotographerLindsey Law
Prize2nd Place in Fine Art / Abstract
City/CountryNew York, United States
Photo DateDecember 2010- February 2011
Technical InfoDigital SLR
Entry Description

I am intrigued at how a photograph can challenge a viewer’s perception of what can and cannot be. Everything we photograph is real, but the end result isn’t always realistic. Space is a mystery to most. Naturally, that mystery leads to curiosity and exploration. My concentration developed off of light drawing and long night exposures. I began my six pieces with those two ideas in mind and was inspired to move in the direction of outer space after experimenting during my first shoot. My goal is to develop an environment that no one can get to except through these photographs. They bring the viewer to an unfamiliar reality, and show a realistic environment on earth disguised as an unrealistic environment in space or one’s imagination.