Jolie Laide

PhotographerClaire Huish
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryOxford, United Kingdom
Photo DateDecember 2010
Entry Description

Jolie Laide is a French expression used to describe a woman who, at times, possesses almost ugly physical features, but is also strangely beautiful. The series is loosely based on the Ugly Duckling, and it combines fashion images juxtaposed with beauty and abstract shots. Based on rites of passage, it visually describes both the morph from “duckling” to swan, and vulnerable child to graceful adult. Yet, in both humans and birds, something of the awkward childlike quality always remains.

About Photographer

I was born in Oxford in 1990. I completed an Art Foundation Diploma with Distinction in June 2009, and I am currently studying for my BA (Hons) Photography at the Arts University College, Bournemouth. In December 2009, I won the Clothes Show Live "Young Fashion Photographer of the Year" award and since then have been focussed on creating a career for myself in fashion photography. I work freelance alongside studying, and have had work featured in several exhibitions in both Bournemouth and Oxford. I aim to create intelligent, original and innovative fashion imagery.