Lights and color on stage

PhotographerRuth Morales
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryBarcelona, Spain
Photo Date2005-2009
Entry Description

Sequence of images where light and color, or the lack of it, are the main attraction of the photograph in a given moment of the concert.

About Photographer

Ruth Morales was born in Barcelona on June 21st 1978 Since a very young age she shows an interest and talent for photography and the media, and although she has always known what path she wants to follow, because of personal reasons, she ends up studying five years of administrative that introduces her into the working world. In 2004 she decides she wants to be completely dedicated to her vocation, Photography. She signs up at the Institut d’Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya (IEFC) in Barcelona where she studies photography for 3 years. In 2007-2008 she specializes in Fashion and Publicity at the same school with the photographer Fina Lunes. While she was still studying photography, in October 2006 she presents her first exhibition to bring her work closer to the public and makes herself known at Artkaffee (Barcelona) with the title “RIESGO EN EL AIRE” (“Risk in the air”) where she frames into urban sport to reflect the young world and its attraction for acrobatics. When she ends her studies she starts her own photography studio to be able to develop her different projects. Also, between the years 2004-2007 she collaborates with Patricia Nolasco at the teen magazine Lokamagazine with her own section called “Mundofan”(“Fanworld”) where she interviews and takes photographs to national artists like Diego Martin, Sergio Contreras, etc. as well as international artists like Craig David, Simple Plan, Mark Owen, among others. Her work is rewarded when at the Loka 2006 Awards wins “the most beloved at Lokamagazine award” voted by the readers. After her experience working at the magazine, she continues her education through another media, The Radio. She completes a master degree in Radio Broadcasting at the Politécnica University of Catalunya (UPC). fter that, she works for a while at a local radio station in Barcelona as an editor and presenter with her own program “Bounce” where she interviews different hip-hop and R&B artists. These days, her projects come to develop her artistic abilities in fashion, publicity, music, etc…