Flower Beauty

PhotographerKaterina Lomonosov
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryAshdod, Israel
Photo Date2008
About Photographer

I was born in 1975, in Ukraine. As a child I liked drawing and graphics. In 1997 I moved to Israel, where I live now. From the year 2000 I worked as a graphic-designer in an advertisement company. I got interested in photography back in 2005. It so happened that at that time a certain kind of emptiness appeared in my life. I wanted to fill that emptiness with something interesting, beautiful, bright... That "something" turned out to be photography... I grow and evolve with every new work. I'm a painter; I live, think and feel with my creations... Creative photography has become a crucial part of my life... Without being excessively modest, I can say that as an artist and photographer I am able to convey the beauty of a person and his inner world in a way that few others are capable.