Old Taichung Brewery

PhotographerYuri Chang
Prize1st Place in Architecture / Other_ARC
City/CountryTaichung City, Taiwan
Photo Date2011
Entry Description

Taichung’s Former Brewery, a historic architecture previously named Taisho Sake Inc. Taichung Brewery, was bought by Taiwan Presidential House in 1922 and became Taichung Brewery of the Taichung Branch of the Wine and Tobacco Board. After the war, it was formerly the Taichung Office and 5th Brewery of the Wine and Tobacco Board and is presently the Taiwan Architecture, Design and Arts Exhibition Center. There are 9 large architectures formerly built in the Japanese Governance Period in the park, including Warehouse No. 7, Boiler House, Control Room, Brewery, Rice Warehouse, Laboratory, Rice Husk House, Finished Product Warehouse, and Activity Center, where the environment is elegant with retrospective atmosphere. (Data source: CCA Taiwan)