Out of Gypsum

PhotographerEric Chang
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyChang Pictures
City/CountryBeverly Hills, United States
Entry Description

"Bathing on the black silky skin as a milky glow of thick and steamy tears appear too low."

About Photographer

I work in the subliminal space between the cinematic and the photographic. My art, whether cinema or photography, explores extreme opposites and strives to merge them into a single, cohesive expression. The works are darkly romantic, often evoking a sense of insecurity and danger in the observer. It's the ambivalence, mystery and intensity inherent in the works that generates an unsettling energy that I find beautiful and challenging. I strive to create images that simultaneously represent loneliness, solitude, harmony, dissonance. I see myself as a visual storyteller. I find a rupture in the story and freeze the unfinished storyline, distorting visual concept to create works that are intense, dramatic and mysterious.