Virginia Woolf

PhotographerAndrea Paolini Merlo
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryBudapest, Hungary
Photo Date2011
Technical InfoDigitally Enhaced
Entry Description

This Picture is a vision about the figure of Virginia Woolf.

About Photographer

My primary profession is that of dancer and choreographer at the Hungarian National Ballet Company and I think photography is an ideal instrument to catch the harmony and beauty of dance. The body, as a visible form of our existence is the most direct instrument of communication man can have and this instrument can be controlled totally by the dancer. With their sculpture figure endowed with strong, flexible and slender body they can be considered as athletes who devoted themselves to art, always in continue evolution. My intention is to immortalize the never-ending moments of this moving art by photography where artists become a "living instrument" by their own histories and personalities. I deem connection with dancers both in my profession of choreography and in photography elementary. This connection is always bidirectional and is based on mutual inspiration.