Moscot Sunnies S/S2012

PhotographerWendy Simmons
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryBrooklyn, United States
Photo DateSpring 2012
About Photographer

My photographic style is mindful, quiet, honest, compassionate and straightforward. I strive to maintain the integrity of the original scene – nothing is orchestrated, no one is posed and there are no alterations or embellishments to my photographs. My belief is that it is this simplicity that allows the true soul of the subject to be revealed. My choice of subject comes from intuition and is fueled by my desire to document moments in time – often mere seconds – that reveal a rich, visual commentary – an entire visual story in a subtle and nuanced way. I aspire to convey an authentic, intimate and revealing view of the subject – its energy, spirit and personality from a different point of view. My photographic interests are wide-ranging since I gravitate not to a particular type of photography, but rather to whatever captures my interest and passion as a storyteller as it unfolds before me – be it photojournalistic, social documentary, travel or portraiture.