PhotographerClaudio Allia
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryCatania, Italy
About Photographer

MD Ophthalmologist and freelance award winning photographer currently living and working in Sicily (Italy). Since early eighties he has focused most of his creative juices in the music field as music writer and indie jazz/electronic/classical music producer, using his film camera to capture travels and people images. In 2005 , fascinated by the digital advent, Claudio started to experiment with new visual and creative approaches into the photographic world, spacing from pure fine art series through surrealistic or conceptual projects up to documentary/reportage bodies of work.<br/> Since 2009 Claudio has focused some of his photographic projects on the reality/surreality evident in the Mathare Valley Slum of Nairobi (one of the poorest of east Africa) where over 500.000 people fight everyday with high dignity for their elemental human rights. Through photo exhibitions, book publication and print sales, Claudio is trying to support some ongoing humanitarian fundraising projects in Mathare.