Between Worlds

PhotographerJun Kim
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryKöln, Germany
Photo Date27.05.2012
Technical InfoHasselblad H4D
Entry Description

In my pictures i have special admiration and draws inspiration from different painters, which is reflected true the colors i use and the atmosphere. The protagonist remain in a statuesque calm, as if she is waiting or searching for something. Like a scene from a movie that should be continued by the viewer.

About Photographer

Jun Kim was born 1988 in Japan, lives and works in Cologne & Berlin. As a child Jun Kim was very much exposed to the artistic work of his parents Elke Kim, Ken Mai and his uncle Bernd Arnold. This gradually formed his enormous interest in photography. Jun Kim has special admiration and draws inspiration from different works, which is reflected in his own work. Jun Kim’s Photography is characterized by a visionary world which consists of highly complex compositions, scenarios as seen in motion picture, idiosyncratic images, which create an astonishing parallel universe where the impossible becomes possible. In his artwork the law of gravity is disbanded. The same applies to the 'taken for granted' proportions, patterns and formations - all constantly challenged. Jun Kim takes his viewers to a world of his own, touched by surrealism. The mortal on earth, whom he presents in diverse strands, remains his most significant motivation. His ability to create this kind of photography is aided at large by very elaborate sets including characters from his early days, individuals and symbols that fascinate him or play an immense role in his life. His wildly imaginative pictures are charged with his own interpretation of historical art work in a spirit of the modern age. He studied photography in Dortmund, did an internship at Erwin Olaf Studios and is part of the artist movement “Artists for Freedom” fighting against human trafficking. Today Jun Kim has a studio with his mother and artist Elke Kim in the art gallery Rhenania. In the year 2011 both the mother and son teamed up and successfully launched the "Eiengroup".