Insomniac Dj

PhotographerLawrence Atienza
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyLawrence Atienza
City/CountryWest Covina, United States
Photo Date02/09/2013
Technical Info5.0 sec shutter and f/16 16mm
Entry Description

This image was created for a local bedroom Dj name djtaek that spends countless hours building his mixes before he sleeps for the night which at times could be at 2:25AM. So the concept represents his routine before he sleeps. I initially wanted to use the moonlight but the light was just not strong enough to produce the image i've envisioned. So I used artificial light to mimic moonlight shining through the window.

About Photographer

MISSION STATEMENT: To create and capture carefully crafted conceptual imagery to provide unique and compelling photographs for clients. A LITTLE ABOUT ME: As a child, have you ever watched a commercial about a product that you’d do anything for and just couldn’t afford? An item that you desired so much that nothing else compared and nothing else could satisfy the want. A want so great that it warrants a person to save every months allowance to posses it. The feeling materialized many times through my life. From the Laser tag set with the gun, vest and sensor in my youth to a pair of Technics 1200s M3Ds with a Vestax PMC Pro mixer in my teens to a Peter Line Forum Brand Snowboard in my college years and to finally Two Nikon Cameras and thousands of dollars worth of lenses and too much gear to mention. As you can see, my interests grew in substance by age.