Strange Fruit

PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryGothenburg, Sweden
Photo DateMay 2011
Technical InfoHasselblad
Entry Description

This is a picture for the Swedish brand Monki that is part of H&M. Its a new brand that should reflect playfulness in a world where everything is possible

About Photographer

Aorta is made up of this photographic duo: Marco Grizelj (1972) and Kristian Krän (1973). These two began photographing at an early age, and they joined forces at the School of Photography at Göteborg University when they discovered that they were highly compatible, both in terms of the imagery they were interested in and as people. After graduating in 1997 they worked for the Göteborg City Theater. For the next five years they then worked almost exclusively for foreign clients. During a part of that period, they were based in Paris. Aorta’s signature work is in semi-documentary fashion photography, where their work is both inartificial and imaginative. The duo likes to see things cinematically and their photographs are often shot on location. They enjoy entering the ideas process at an early stage and they prefer to do their own retouching. Their commercial clients include Panasonic, Absolut Vodka, Volvo, Renault, Vattenfall, SFR France and Kosta Boda. Editorial assignments carried out have included those for 125, Wired, Café, Elle, Bon and NK Stil. Aside from working together as photographers, Aorta also collaborate as DJs. They operate a mobile sound system, arrange parties, and since have run a club called Locus since 2001. They currently live in Gothenburg where they also have their studio.