PhotographerCJ Bryan (InvisibleGirl Studios)
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyInvisibleGirl Studios
City/Country02138, United States
Photo DateMay 20th
Entry Description

My vision for this shoot was these girls languishing their day away in their garden-- beautiful untouchable creatures inside of an overtly colorful fantasy... Frida Kahlo meets 1940s Glam Technicolor Acid Trip. The theme of this shoot couldn't have been more "me" in that is was dripping in excess-- colors, textures, themes, cultural references, nods to subcultures, usage of vintage clothing and accessories, and a messy dose of fun.

About Photographer

Hi! My name is CJ Bryan I was born in Miami and currently work/live in Boston. I am in the process of Launching my Photography/Videography business when I'm not in dialysis, missing doctor's appointments, daydreaming or taking goofy pics of my loved ones. I am currently working on a book on the lives of the chronically ill. From personal experience I know it's a life that's far from 'picture-perfect' but in the recesses of my imagination I see immense strength and beauty. I hope you'll see it too.