After the Quake — Tohoku Now

PhotographerTomoko Goto
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryMosta, Malta
Photo DateJune 2013
Entry Description

When a massive tsunami struck Tohoku in March 2011, it changed the landscape forever. But the news crews have all gone home, and these shattered cities exist in a strange state of detachment from the rest of Japan. It almost feels as though Nature has paused to catch her breath, trapping this region outside of Time. Walking through these broken coastal cities, I realized that the reshaped landscape doesn’t just reflect our helplessness in the face of natural disaster. It’s also quietly embracing a people’s physical and psychological trauma, as if the land itself were willing to share their pain.

About Photographer

Tomoko Goto was born in Japan and studied and worked in Canada. She is currently based in the small Mediterranean island of Malta. Tomoko captures people’s lives through travel, on the street, and in those ordinary but special moments of everyday living. Her work has been featured in Outpost Magazine and displayed as part of a street photography exhibition in Valletta, Malta.