Under the storm

PhotographerMatt Crawford
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyMatt Crawford Photography
City/CountryAuckland, New Zealand
Photo DateMay 2013
Entry Description

It took several hours of battling the storm to reach the Poor Knight Islands which are said to be one of the top ten dive site in the world. One this day there was much beauty but it was the rugged dark beauty from the raging storm above.

About Photographer

Crawford's inspiration comes from the environment, people he meets and stories they share. Pain, sorrow and injustice are themes often reoccurring in his personal work. His aim is to explore the less seen side of life. In recent years, he has turned his camera towards topics that he feels passionately about, questioning the notion of simply being an observer of the world. He aims to explore the possibility of making powerful statements and raising awareness through his photography. Being raised on a small remote Scottish island gave him a great love of the natural environment. Now based in Auckland, New Zealand Crawford's work covers issues both in his home and local community to developing countries thousands of miles away.