PhotographerJana Cruder
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyJana Cruder Photography
City/CountryCulver City, United States
Photo DateMay 1, 2013
Entry Description

Zuzanna shoot on location in Venice Beach

About Photographer

Jana Cruder's imagery may best be described as hyper-real with a sense of soul. Jana's ability to combine a fashion aesthetic with underlying conceptual nuances gives her work a uniquely playful tone.

 Jana found the focus of her work early on in her career. Although just at home in the studio, she loves nothing more than beautiful people in fabulous clothing in inspiring locations. 

 Light, saturation, color and shadow become Jana’s creative surges. Through honed observation and a keen allowing; her work travels the line of fantasy and reality. Through her rose-colored glasses Jana exalts the beauty in the mundane and elaborate, resulting in images that blur the line between the worlds of fashion, advertising and fine-art. Rich colorful, contrasty distinctive images that convey an idea or feeling, and jump off the page.

 Jana currently splits her time between NY and LA and is available for commissions worldwide.