magic jump

Photographernando esteva
PrizeHonorable Mention
Companynando esteva producciones
City/Countrypalma de mallorca, Spain
Photo Date15/3/2014
Entry Description

" Magic Jump " us reports the beautiful history of a secret box in the one that hides a very special wharf for those that they believe that everything is possible and that it allows to obtain the perfect blow: the merger between racket and ball, the magic alliance with the gravity to fall down on the track rightly in this precise point projected by the tennis player.

About Photographer

(Palma, 1979) is one of the youngest promises in the current contemporary advertising photography. After beginning is professional career in 1995 as a photographer assistant travelling all over countries such as Cuba, Mexico, Maldivas, United States, Venezuela, Egypt and Tanzania, among others, he takes his first steps in his solitary career as an advertising photographer in 2001 with some projects for International acknowledgement companies like Bacardi, Braun, Camper, Farrutx, Grupo Teka and Grupo Tristan located in Mallorca. Too Bacardi, Braun, Victor, Marc Fosh, Cap Vermell. These works have taken part both in the public and in the private nature of each company or person. Some of his last works have been published in international magazines like Vogue, Elle, Ritz, Titz or La Fotografía Social, Bazaar Harper´s, dp, Inpalma, etc.. One of his personal aims culminate when he is a awarded the third national prize of professional photography, LUX Prize 2009, in the personal-work cathegory under the title Rostros by Nando Esteva & Co., project directed ti the fight against cancer. National prize professional photography, LUX Prize 2010 Gold “Piel congelada”. Hasselblad Master Awards Semifinalist. The winner photo ‘Photography passion’ annual title page national prize of professional photography LUX 2011 Selected for the FoodPhoto Festival 2011. Absobed in his personal and professional projects he climbs another rung on the ladder of his life day by day. National prize professional photography, LUX Prize 2011 Gold “250 gr de tacón”. National prize professional photography, LUX Prize 2011 Bronze “Adaptek” by Teka. National prize professional photography, LUX Prize 2011 Bronze “Ópera Carmen”.