Botanic Beauty

PhotographerKeith Berson
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryLos Angeles, United States
Photo DateFall 2012 - Present
Technical InfoCanon 5d Mii
Entry Description

This series is called Botanic Beauty. I began this portfolio to showcase my ability to create flattering and compelling beauty images. The concept of combining classic beauty images with natural botanic elements sounded like a lot of fun. I teamed up with stylist Rachel Gold and we began to conceptualize. We wanted to inspire with botanic elements, and be inspired by them. Allowing the natural colors in the botanic elements to guide the makeup and hair completed the vision.

About Photographer

I’ve been enthusiastically working as a professional photographer in Southern California since 2005. My craft and skill has grown by working with diverse clients and genres of photography, including Beauty, Portrait, Product, Fashion, and Lifestyle. These experiences and relationships inspired me to open my studio near downtown Los Angeles in 2012. My studio is a creative outlet for clients to see their projects realized. When you hire a photographer, you’re choosing a team leader. It’s my goal on set to bring out the best in my subjects and the best in my team. Connection and collaboration is key in my process. I am not a one man show, and I don’t want to be. It brings me so much joy when everyone walks away with a sense of accomplishment. Above all, it is most important to fulfill my clients’ every need and exceed their expectations. I realize how fortunate I am to work in a field where my career is my passion.