'Vida Dewi' by Salita Matthews

PhotographerBonnie Jenkins
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryEudlo, Australia
Photo Date2013
Entry Description

Shoot for Salita Matthews' new Vida Dewi jewellery range. Styling/ jewellery/ clothing: Salita Matthews Hair and Make-up: Carly Lim Model: Brooke Hade

About Photographer

My work is concerned with what lies in the peripheral vision of the everyday. I take objects and places and then, through abstraction, reveal what is normally hidden to the human eye. In presenting new perspectives I seek to stir the viewer out of their habitual consciousness by re-engaging their vision with fresh ways of looking at the familiar – to give time to the object of our gaze, to stop and look without preconception. Through deliberately filming out of focus or through experimental techniques of still photography and installations, my work creates a new perception of objects and places, inviting closer scrutiny and enabling the viewer to focus on imagery normally only noticed in peripheral vision. This fascination with optical illusions and transforming or presenting of new perspectives of the everyday explains my attachment to the mediums of photography and video. It is for this reason that I do not digitally manipulate my work beyond standard corrections. They are used to represent reality yet simultaneously have the ability to undermine this visual ‘reality’. A constant drive behind my work is the need to capture the beauty and intrigue of the multi-faceted environment that surrounds us, bringing about a deep respect and wonder for our natural world.