Le Gala Des Mystere

PhotographerRudy shoushany
PrizeHonorable Mention
Companyrudy shoushany
City/Countryottawa, Canada
Photo DateSeptember 2013
Entry Description

Le Gala Des Mystere, a story of a sinful women, who is waiting for the King Gala

About Photographer

Rudy Shoushany bio Fashion / Editorials / Beauty / Portraits Rudy Shoushany is a Lebanese-Canadian photographer who became deeply inspired and enthralled by his profession at the young age of 13. Rudy has been working as a professional photographer since 2010, fulfilling his desire to be a creative, bold, and curious artist. Rudy was raised in Lebanon, South Africa, and Canada, and he has travelled all over the world, enriching his culturally sensitive eye behind the camera as he continues to work around the globe. His work has been published in several international and local magazines, such as the following: Cielo Magazine, Urban Coco, Fashion Affair, Dark Beauty Magazine, 10Ten. Sayidati, Yasmina UAE, Al Hasnaa, Fashionising, Flawless, Ellement, Fashion 011, Ahlan UAE, En Vie, Institute magazine, Mirroir, Oppa, Fashion Mag, Remark, Heart, IDEM, BigShot, Most Magazine and Trend Prive. Rudy has also participated at several exhibitions, including the following: SeeMe Digital photography Exhibitions – 2015 Exposure Award – Musee du Louvre – Paris (2015) RAW Artists at St-Brigid’s Hall in Canada (2014) Collective Photo Exhibition at Crusoe Hall in Hamburg, Germany (2013) Exposure Photography Exhibition in New York (2013) Arts Takes at the Time Square Collective (2012) LPM at the Collective Photography Exhibition (2011) Awards and Mentions 3x Fine Art Photography Awards Awarded entries FAPA (2015) Inspirational Imagery – Visionary Talent Berlin Fashion Film (2014) Series Honorable mention in international photography awards IPA 2014