PhotographerAnne Højlund Nicolajsen
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyHello Anne! Photographer
City/CountryAarhus, Denmark
Entry Description

From a Chanel editorial. I love how strong the model is in this picture and how classic Chanel is mixed with modern style

About Photographer

Danish fashion- and beauty photographer (b. 1986). I am educated at the School of Media in Viborg. As an apprentice I have been trained in commercial photography, where lighting has an extremely high priority. This knowledge is a great advantage in my work with particularly beauty photography. Beauty photography has been my main direction and I have photographed "beauty series" for magazines worldwide. Humans fascinate me. Photographs are my paintings. As painters I use my skills as tools towards creativity. I love to highlight models' oddities through making these beautiful and polished. To work with the boundaries between reality and representation. Specialties Beauty, Fashion and Art Photographer