Feed The Eyes

PhotographerLuca di Filippo
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryLondon, United Kingdom
Photo DateJuly 2014
Technical InfoCanon 5DMarkIII 90mm tiltshift
Entry Description

Good ingredients are the backbone of any good recipe. Chefs looks at the raw material foreseeing the final result of their efforts. This series of images try to depict the imaginary world behind chefs' expertise. My intention was to translate visually their capability to understand the peculiarity of each flavour and their knowledge to find the perfect balance for each recipe. Merging aesthetic elements, textures and colours, this story is all about feeding the eyes, in a very literally sense.

About Photographer

Born in Rome and based in London since 2007, Luca works in the design and branding industry, providing tailored services to create the most consistent communications tools, merging together user experience, graphic design and photography. His artistic career represent an ongoing experiment to investigate how to trigger senses through the visual stimulation. A multidisciplinary approach lead him to collaborate with contemporary theatre, creating a very innovative performance format based on realtime photography. His realtime photography works have been on stage, among several other events, at Temps dImage (Rome, 2010), Romaeuropa Festival (Rome, 2012) and at the Barbican Centre (London, 2014).